2004, University of Texas at Austin, Intro To Film, Prof. Bill Lundberg

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This film has gone through a few different titles, but I've finally settled on the one that most explains what I'm getting at here. It is a play on the word 'synesthesia' (for those who don't know, it's a mental condition where you 'hear' colors and 'see' sounds, etc.--basically, your senses are either mixed up or enhanced with a sudden small hallucination of additional input (the latter is how I experience it sometimes). For example, you can feel something, and out of nowhere, you're seeing a corresponding color that 'goes with it'). This film is supposed to be the literal representation of what it's like in my head when I have sex. Mostly, I see colors behind closed eyes, sometimes patterns or images, and then it'll be interrupted by mundane thoughts about stuff I need to attend to or things I just remembered about, and for realism's sake, I punctuated the video with a few 'real view' shots as if I'd opened my eyes in the middle of the proceedings (don't worry, the visual isn't explicit! (just the auditory...)). Ahem...anyway, I felt that film, with its myriad overlay techniques, was the perfect medium to 'illustrate' what this is like for me.