Portrait Of Kate Scherer

2004, University of Texas at Austin, Intro To Film, Prof. Bill Lundberg

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This piece was supposed to be a practice exercise for our first real piece concerning a human subject. We had to partner with someone else in the class, and so Kate and I took footage of each other and made portraits. Sadly, I only have the raw footage that she took of me, and not her final project (and I'm ashamed to say, I don't remember what it looked like when it was done), but I do have the one I did of her. She owned these enormous millipedes as pets, and I thought it would be interesting to juxtapose the image of one crawling on her forehead with her fingers manipulating some string. Both involve fairly delicate movements, and to complement that, we added a piano track that she performed. Interestingly enough, the piano has since distorted on the tape, and I kind of like how it sounds now, since it became so digital and echo-y of its own accord. Sometimes art makes itself, and I find that terribly convenient!