Kitty Orgy

2004, University of Texas at Austin, Intro To Film, Prof. Bill Lundberg

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This was the final project for Film 1, and the concept was to make your video piece go further than video, i.e. become more interactive. My original idea was to film my cat walking past my legs repeatedly, as she tends to do when I come home. Then, I was going to bluescreen myself out and set it up as a projection, so that the viewer could step into the picture and have the cat be projected rubbing against their legs instead. This turned out to be a bit impossible to film, unfortunately, so instead I hit upon the idea of making the film immersive, as if the viewer could see through my eyes. The cat has settled in for a good, long scratch, and thanks to her ecstatic owner, the love-fest gets ever more frenzied until even the cat can't stand it anymore.