2004, University of Texas at Austin, Performance Art, Prof. Kristin Lucas

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I don't remember what prompted this piece far as I can recall, in this class you just performed when the mood struck you, as opposed to our having more concrete assignments. Anthony Dalton and I partnered on this one, and our intent was to do something utterly ridiculous and without point, and see what meaning the class would assign to our actions in the discussion afterward. There were sounds, I danced, he played drums, we stuck words to duct tape, and umbrellas were opened and'd be AMAZED at the amount of meaning the class was able to attribute to that. After hearing their reaction, as was customary in the class, we were supposed to tell them our intent, at which point we gleefully announced that there hadn't been one, other than to show how easy it is for the viewer of art to inject something meaningful into the meaningless. Happily, this prompted the best discussion we'd ever had in class, all about artistic intent and the role of the spectator.