Special Thanks

Thank you to…

My artist grandmothers for their inspiration and example, and the rest of my family for their ceaseless encouragement and enduring everything around me being covered in paper, tape, and beads for the entirety of my childhood

My husband, Eric, for being one of the most amazing artists I’ve ever met

My sister Michelle, for her awesome jewelry ideas and creations

Clara, for her tireless inking, earring assembly, and inspiration through her own beautiful artistic endeavors, and for actually wanting the Beef-Flavored Cow

Jen, for her amazing costuming and effects skills

Joseph, for collaborating with me on drawings, tattoos, websites, and delicious 5 a.m. dinners

Brandon and Lynnette, for their art collaboration and inspiration

David, for putting film work with me on a pedestal (or at least, stilts)

Zara, for trying to liven up Old Forrester with me, and having to finish it for totally different people at New Forrester, if at all!

Sally and Jack at ExCLAYmations, for accommodating all my crazy firing requests

The counselors at French Woods Festival of the Performing Arts, for teaching me silkscreening, tye-dyeing, sculpting, jewelry making, and video production

The counselors at Julian Krinsky Summer Camps, for teaching me film, drawing, and website design

The gang from the Research Blvd. Hobby Lobby frameshop in Austin, for teaching me everything there is to know about framing and how to laugh in spite of the misery of retail

The Knighthood of BUH, for making me their art slave for important things like 75% of the No Pants Day cards we never used and the Wheel Of Burrtune

Juvenal Reis, for leasing me the art studio I so desperately needed

Joie Jager, for giving me a chance, and amazingly managing to sell things I made for hundreds of dollars

Tony Lent, for taking the time to show me his amazing studio and all his wonderful creations, and Miss Alice, for introducing us

All the other artists I’ve ever worked with on projects for school, fun, or subversiveness

…And I especially want to thank all of my art teachers, without whom I would have had no formal foundation for artistic experience: Thomas Montgomery (Gladwyne Elementary School); Lori Rogers (Welsh Valley Middle School); Ruth Joray and Chris Wagner (The Shipley School); Lee Akins, Cathy Cotter-Smith, Nestor Zarragoitia, and Bill Parsons (Collin County Community College); Jerry de Frese and Gary Webernick (Austin Community College); Polly Jackson, Kristin Lucas, Mike Smith, Thelma Coles, Bill Lundberg, and Jill Bedgood (University of Texas at Austin); Oliver Grimley, Steve Nocella, Al Gury, Anthony Ciambella, Ted Xaras, RenĂ©e Foulks, Kassem Amoudi, Hiro Sakaguchi, and Robert Waddington (Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts); Shawn Spangler at The Clay Studio; and Paula and Nancy at the Art Glass Fusing Center

~ ~ ~

This site and my work are dedicated to Mom Mom and Grandma. I’ll love you and miss you always. You both have been my constant inspirations throughout my life, and always will be. Love, your Lily doll, Mom Mom, and your Li-li, Grandma.