Artist Bio

I have been making art for as long as I can remember. As soon as any paper, tape, or scissors came my way, they were immediately converted into art of some kind. As a child I was endlessly drawing and building, always constructing new realities to inhabit. Whether it was my earliest attempts at flip-book animation, the comic-drawing craze I started in my 4th grade class, my shot at starting a ‘roadside jewelry stand,’ or just my constant doodling in class (much to the dismay of all my teachers), I was never artistically idle. My first inspirations for my art were my two grandmothers, Estelle Schaevitz and Bea Wofsey, and my mother, Susan Wofsey, who, along with the rest of my family, endlessly encouraged me in my artistic pursuits.

Throughout high school, I boycotted the school art courses after ninth grade, preferring to explore the medium on my own at home. I mostly focused on making music videos, experimenting with our iMac, Hi-8 camera, big projection-screen TV, VCR, and stereo. Through this wildly complex setup, I made about seven videos, dubbed and with special effects, like stop-motion animation and sequences in reverse (this was all done manually in the camera and on the VCR, the iMac I used for title screens only, I had no video editing software at the time).

When I got to college, however, I was convinced that my artistic dreams were to be realized in the theater. My interest fizzled surprisingly quickly after only writing one play and directing another, and it occurred to me that perhaps I should go back to what I have never tired of since I could pick up a pencil. My college education led me to many different places and people, all of whom have been enormously influential in my artwork, either through directly instructing me, or just by their example. After I left Yale (which I had only really chosen to attend for their theater department), I found myself in Dallas, Texas, where I enrolled in Collin County Community College, and got some of the most meaningful instruction in art that I’d ever had. There I took classes in Ceramics, Metals, Drawing, Watercolor, and Design, and fell in love with new techniques that I’d never encountered before, such as lost-wax casting in metal sculpture and watercolor collage. While studying there, I was accepted into the Viewpoints Exhibition of 2002, a statewide juried student show, where two of my three submitted works were chosen for the 75-piece exhibit. I continued my studies at The University of Texas at Austin and Austin Community College, where I took courses in Transmedia, Film, and Performance Art, as well as continuing my studies in Drawing, Design, Metals, and Sculpture. In 2004 I graduated with honors from UT Austin, earning my B.A. in Studio Art from the College of Fine Arts.

Since finishing college, I have become extremely interested in graphics and webdesign, and have mastered HTML, XHTML, CSS, Flash, Photoshop and Illustrator in the process. I find webdesign particularly fulfilling since I am very logically minded as well as being artistic, so the coding aspect appeals to me as well as the graphical aspect.

My art is influenced by a number of concepts, chief among which are humor and the natural beauty of forms. My art is either meant to evoke the magnificence and perfection of nature through the use of specific media or subject matter, or to evoke humor and a willingness to look at the world around us with silly-tinted glasses, to deflate the pompous balloon of society and its expectations, and to question why things are the way they are, and what if we did it this way instead? The natural world on its own is so beautiful and perfect, but the world that human beings have created within it is oftentimes flawed and ugly, and my aim through art is to alert people of what we currently ignore, and how ridiculous the human inventions are that we pay so much attention to instead.

If you want to know more about the mediums I work in, please go to the individual gallery links above. There you will find my thoughts on the mediums themselves, explanations of the pieces you see in the galleries, and any other interesting facts pertaining to that area of art. Thanks for reading, and enjoy the site!


Past Exhibitions:

2010 ~ Jinxed heART Show, Philadelphia, PA

2009 ~ Reliquary Of Madness Show, Camden, NJ

2006 ~ Juvenal Reis Open Studios, Long Island City, NY

2002 ~ ‘Viewpoints’ Statewide Juried Student Show, Plano, TX